The planner port

Investing and preparing for the future

At a time when new fleets, made up of larger vessels, are coming into being, the host infrastructures have to adapt by offering deeper draught shipping lanes and wharves equipped accordingly. The major development and modernization works of HAROPA - Port de Rouen, which started in 2012, continued in 2017 in order to optimize the port's offering and the quality of its services while respecting the environment of the area.

Improvement works on shipping lanes in the Port of Rouen

An intense intermediate phase

Dredging operations

In 2017, the projet to improve the shipping lanes of HAROPA - Port of Rouen continued mainly with a series of dredging works operated by the Jean Ango dredge, on the Courval - Duclair and Duclair - Rouen sectors, areas of the shipping channel including pipe-laying under the river, and on the dry dock of the future Radicatel control station.
The 4th and last dredging contract to deepen the Courval - Rouen sector was signed.

Re-purposing of dredged sediments

431,623 t of sediment re-purposed
dont 322,814 t sold to the construction and civil engineering industry

2017 was a particularly active year in terms of the re-purposing of dredged sediments by the construction and civil engineering industry. 322,814 tonnes were recovered from the five transit facilities of the Port of Rouen classified for environmental protection (ICPE): Honfleur, Port-Jerome, Saint-Wandrille, Yainville and Moulineaux.

Modernization of the Grand-Couronne grain terminal

HAROPA - Port of Rouen, in partnership with Sénalia, the operator of the terminal, have carried out vast modernization of the grain terminal to bring it into line with the gauge of the deepened channel. The work began in 2017 with the consolidation of the wharf and the deepening of the dry dock.

Launch of environmental measures for the shipping lane improvement project

Work on the ecological restoration of the Lillebonne and Sahurs sites began in 2017. The two sites have been radically transformed, to enable reconnection for fauna with the Seine, with the creation of estuarine habitats and wetlands, conducive to the development of biodiversity.
For further information about the deepening dredging of HAROPA - Port of

On 28 April 2017, HAROPA - Port of Rouen received the inter-jurisdictional authorization to dredge the dredging sediments of the shipping channel of the lower estuary and to immerse them on the Machu site. It takes over from the so-called "Kannik" immersion site, which reached saturation in Spring 2017 after 40 years of operation. More

An educational exhibition on maintenance dredging and sediment management was organized during the Rouen Trade Fair in March 2017. For further information, please click here

Infrastructure modernization

Different sites involved

  • End of the Jupiter terminal upgrade project (DRPC / Bolloré Energy) formerly Petroplus.
    In order to complete the rehabilitation work on this terminal, the Q300 and Q430 jetties have been repaired. The first ships were berthed early in 2018.
  • Improvement of the shipping lanes to the Quai du Bassin au Bois (QBB)
    Dry dock reconfiguration work was carried out by HAROPA - Port of Rouen to improve the access for shipping to the Bassin aux Bois, leading to the Robust terminal, a subsidiary of Sénalia. The work, at a cost of €1 million, now allows ships with a draught close to 10 m to berth at low tide.
  • Renovation of the Quai de Grand-Quevilly (QGQ) for Borealis
    In September 2017, the Borealis Group and HAROPA - Port of Rouen inaugurated the renovated Quai de Grand-Quevilly. The renovation work bolsters the positioning of HAROPA - Port of Rouen as the number 1 logistics hub in France for fertilizers.
  • Preparation of preparatory work for the expansion of the Beuzelin site. 
The asbestos was removed from Hangar 114 before it was demolished to enable the extension of new silos. The operation, carried out between September and December 2017, also included the rerouting of the electrical substation supplying the Petit-Couronne wharf.
  • Works on the Northern lower seawall in Honfleur
    Following the rapid deterioration of the breach found in early 2017, HAROPA - Port of Rouen has carried out renovation work by riprap on the Northern lower seawall. It was an emergency, given the importance of the seawall for the grading of the channel and the maintenance of the sedimentary equilibrium of the estuary.
  • Renovation of the Honfleur radar tower
    Launched in September 2016, the renovation work on the Honfleur Radar Tower was completed in June 2017, with no traffic disruption. More than 200,000 euros were invested by HAROPA - Port of Rouen to modernize the facility, which went into service in 1977 and was modernized for the first time in 1997.

New projects on the Rouen wharves

Building the future of the Rouen port area

  • Wine cellar: a winner from Rouen for Regenerating the Seine.
    Regenerating the Seine, the call for projects launched in 2016 by Paris City Hall, the Rouen-Normandy Metropolitan Authority, the Conurbation Community of Le Havre (CODAH) and HAROPA, finished in 2017 with the announcement of the winners on July 19 in Le Havre. One of the projects selected is located in the centre of the Port of Rouen's infrastructures: the reinvented wine cellar. It provides for the development of games rooms, cultural facilities, activities related to the memory of the site, a business area and "rooftop" panoramic restaurants. All compliant with the cellar-style architecture and in a spirit of openness on the river.
  • Call for projects for Hangar 105
    In October the Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority, Rouen City Hall and HAROPA - Port of Rouen launched a specific call for projects for Space 105 (previously called hangar 105), located near the Rouen Flaubert district, as part of the urban regeneration of the docklands. Among other things, the project must maintain the diversity of dock uses and help make the docklands livelier. At the end of April 2018, HAROPA - Port of Rouen, the Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority and Rouen City Hall selected La Métropolitaine for a construction project consisting of two buildings and outdoor leisure and entertainment areas.
  • Future site for France Télévisions Normandie: first stone laid
    In September, construction work on the former hangar 11 site (now deconstructed) officially began. In accordance with the Tidal Gauge Charter, the future headquarters of France Télévisions Normandie will be open to the outside and will integrate with the look and design of the other hangars. The work marks the last stage of the major rehabilitation project of the tidal gauge area on the right bank of the Seine.


The independent port authority of Douala and HAROPA - Port of Rouen sign a new agreement

In July 2017, a framework cooperation agreement was signed in Rouen between the two ports. Its signature should quickly result in increased cooperation, both in the technical, industrial and commercial fields, but also in personnel training, access for shipping and infrastructure development. Partners since 1999, the two ports work in synergy to improve the competitiveness of the port of Douala, the major estuary port in Cameroon.