The port, a stakeholder in environmental and innovation issues

Co-construction and partnerships on the agenda

Between the IS0 14001 certification, the implementation of the Wilderness Areas Management Plan or the management policy for port facilities, a number of innovative and environmental programmes were carried out in 2017 in the precinct of HAROPA - Port of Rouen.

Smart port

New management initiative for port facilities

In June 2017 HAROPA - Port of Rouen launched a new management policy for the port facilities and their machinery to cope with their ageing (60% are more than 60 years old). The policy concerns 178 facilities, 26 of which are considered to be of seminal importance. The management method selected is VSC (Comparative Simplified Inspections), developed by CEREMA. The method, already used by other major seaports such as Dunkerque or Nantes, classifies the works by strategic index and establishes a reasoned program of monitoring and maintenance operations.

Second edition of the Port hackathon

Organized by the HAROPA ports, Paris Seine Normandy (PSN*) and the Rouen Normandy National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), the Port hackathon was held on 17 and 18 November 2017 in Rouen with the support of the Rouen Port Confederation (UPR). The event, endorsed by Normandy French Tech, was held for 24 hours in the premises of the INSA, located in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

The HAROPA Award was awarded to the "Clever Fret" project, an application capable of calculating the means of transporting goods the cleanest and fastest way between two points.
Saagie Award (Partner and Big Data Specialist): Smart Customs or how to simplify customs nomenclature.
Orange Award: "Vis mon port" a concept of interactive terminals on port activity presented to the general public.
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* Paris Seine Normandie (PSN) is the extension of the Greater Paris Development Plan in the Seine Valley to Le Havre, an initiative of the Ile-de-France and Normandy Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Green port

ISO 14001 certification

Since 2015, HAROPA - Port of Rouen has had an Environmental Management System (EMS). In October 2017, after an external audit conducted by AFNOR, the EMS was certified ISO 14001 (2015 version). The four activities involving environmental issues selected are:

  • The transit of dredged sediments in Port-Jérôme;
  • The backfilling of gravel pits with dredged sediments for redevelopment;
  • Le processus d’exploitation de la plateforme portuaire du terminal de Radicatel ;
  • The Environment department in the Port of Rouen

The certification ratifies the environmental quality of the EMS and means HAROPA - Port of Rouen must continue the programme. In 2017, operations particularly noteworthy included:

  • The installation of anti-pollution kits (absorbent products), as well as the replacement of synthetic oils with "organic" vegetable oils for technical service equipment on the Radicatel site;
  • The creation of a log book for environmental incidents on the Port-Jérôme facility classified for environmental protection (ICPE);
  • Participation in the development of the impact study file for the backfilling of a new gravel pit in the Anneville-Ambourville district.

Strategy for the management and enhancement of wilderness areas

HAROPA - Port de Rouen's overall strategy for the biodiversity, management, preservation and enhancement of the wilderness areas present on its precinct and the resulting 2014-2019 action plan (63 actions) were formalized in a global document finalized in June 2017 (Wilderness Area Management Plan (WAMP). The WAMP was presented to the Scientific Council of the Seine Estuary at the end of 2017.

HAROPA - Port of Rouen represents: 3,786 ha of port land
2/3 of port land is a nature reserve
The Seine between Rouen and the estuary is 120 km long
1,484 animal and plant species, 385 of which are of heritage interest (protected, threatened, having a scientific or symbolic interest of the environment in which it is located).

Less CO2 with a new car fleet
HAROPA - Port of Rouen has acquired several electric vehicles in order to reduce the carbon footprint of its machinery. New charging stations will be added in 2018 to those already installed. Goal: 85t of CO2 less per year.

Compensatory measures for the work on the Tancarville bridge
Since 2013, as a result of the partnership between HAROPA - Port of Rouen and the Seine Estuaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the compensatory measures required after the work on the Tancarville bridge have been carried out downstream and on the left bank. In 2017, HAROPA - Port of Rouen created wet grassland on an area of some 9 ha and a wooded area with nearly 4,000 trees, mainly birch, willow and black poplar.

Air quality
A vast air quality measurement campaign was carried out by Atmo Normandie, the Normandy Regional Directorate for the Environment, Development and Housing (DREAL), the port grain operators (Sénalia, Soufflet, Lecureur, Simarex and Beuzelin) and HAROPA - Port of Rouen between September and December 2017. The aim was to evaluate the impact of dust around the silos and the content of inhalable particles in the ambient air. The results of this study will be submitted mid-2018.