HAROPA - Port of Rouen is a Main Seaport (GPM) created by Decree No. 2008-1146 of 6 November 2008 pursuant to Law No. 2008-660 of 4 July 2008 on port reform. It is under the tutelage of the minister in charge of seaports.

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (as at 30 June 2018)

The Executive Committee of the Main Seaport of Rouen has three members:
- Nicolas Occis, Chair
- Pascal Gabet, Deputy Managing Director, Director of the Channel and Maritime Works
- Nathalie Jeanne, Director of Pilotage and Performance

The Executive Committee is controlled by the Supervisory Board and oversees the institution and is responsible for its management.

THE SUPERVISORY BOARD (as at 31 May 2018)

The Supervisory Board, chaired by Frédéric Henry with Jean-Baptiste Gastinne as Vice-Chair, determines the strategic direction of the institution and exercises permanent control over its management.
Its composition is as follows:

State representatives
- The Prefect of the Department of Seine-Maritime and Normandy Region (or her deputy appointed permanently) Fabienne Buccio
- A representative of the Minister responsible for seaports Thierry Tuot, State Councillor
- A representative of the Minister of the Environment Patrick Berg, Normandy Regional Directorate for the Environment, Development and Housing (DREAL)
- A representative of the Minister for the Economy Stéphanie Pétard, State Investment Agency
- A representative of the Minister of the Budget Fabienne Dufay, Regional Director of Public Finances of Normandy and Seine-Maritime

Representatives of local authorities
- Member appointed by the Departmental Council of Seine-Maritime
Bertrand Bellanger, Departmental Councillor
- Members appointed by the Normandy Regional Council
Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, Vice-Chair of the Normandy Regional Council
Julien Demazure, Regional Councillor of Normandy,
- Two representatives of the Communes and associations of communes of the regional and local authorities:
- Member appointed by the Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority
Frédéric Sanchez, Chair
- Member appointed by Rouen City Council
Yvon Robert, Mayor of Rouen

Qualified individuals
- Anne Larpin, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the National Mutual Hospital Association (MNH)
- Philippe Dehays, Chair of the Rouen Port Confederation
- François Loriot, for the Rouen Metropolitan Authority Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Frédéric Henry, CEO of Lubrizol France
- Thierry Guimbaud, Director of Voies Navigables de France

Staff representatives
- Patrice Tournier, Head of the Channel and Navigation Aid Department
- Dany Guiniot, Dredging & Workshops Department
- Marie-Laure Moulin, Utilities Department

Government Commissioners and Economic and Financial Comptroller General (advisory vote)
- Alexis Vuillemin, Government Commissioner
- Pascal Hornung, Deputy Government Commissioner
- François Fayol, Economic and Financial Comptroller General

THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD (as at 31 May 2018)

The Development Board, chaired by Jean-Philippe Laille with Jean-Claude Weiss as Vice-Chair, is consulted on the strategic project and pricing policy.

College of port community representatives (12)
- Benoît de Saint Sernin, EXXON MOBIL
- Cédric Mouchel, TECHNIP France
- Catherine Cornu, Seine Pilotage Station
- Jean-Pierre Scouarnec, Euro Docks Services
- Jean François Lepy, Soufflet Négoce Socomac
- Jean-Philippe Laille, RUBIS TERMINAL
- Philippe Carton, TTOM Transport International
- Gilles Kindelberger, SENALIA
- Éric Dubes, SOMAP
- Nils Beneton, SEA INVEST
- Sylvain Busnot, Boréalis
- Florent Beuzelin, Beuzelin

College of representatives of company personnel (3)
- Yann Mallet, General Union of Dockers and related Workers of the Port of Rouen
- Jean-Louis Petit, CGT Trade Union for the Port of Rouen
- Cyril Ouvry, General Union of Dockers and related Workers of the Port of Rouen

College of representatives of the regional and local authorities(9)
Normandy Regional Council:
- Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, Vice-Chair of the Normandy Regional Council
- Julien Demazure, Regional Councillor of Normandy,
The Seine Maritime Departmental Council
- Jean-François Bures, Seine-Maritime Departmental Council
Eure Departmental Council:
- Jean-Hugues Bonamy, Eure Departmental Councillor
Calvados Departmental Council:
- Michel Lamarre, Vice-Chair of the Departmental Council, Mayor of Honfleur
Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority:
- Roland Marut, bureau member of Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority
Caux Seine Valley Metropolitan Authority:
- Jean-Claude WEISS, Chair of the Metropolitan Authority
- Claude Chicherie, Municipal Councillor
Rouen City Hall:
- Christine Rambaud, Deputy Mayor of Rouen

College of qualified individuals interested in the development of the Port (11)
- Philippe Vue, Haute-Normandie Nature Environment
- Claude Blot, South Estuary
- Bruno Huvelin, CEMEX
- Michèle Pasquis, Association for the Protection and Enhancement of the Roumare Oxbow
- Emmanuèle Saura, SNCF Réseau
- Christian Boulocher, Normandie Logistique
- Vincent Saurel, MARFRET
- Didier Leandri, River Shipowners Committee (CAF)
- Alain Verna, Logistique Seine Normandie
- Thierry Barrois, Lecureur
- Philippe Beauseigneur, Saipol