The port, a partner for each sector

Traffic on the rise

Increasing trafics à la hausse

River traffic is increasing and in 2017 stood at 21.2 Mt of goods transported, representing growth of +5% compared with 2016. These good results are related in particular to the strong growth of the construction and civil engineering industry and demonstrate the importance of ports for the construction of the Greater Paris Development Plan.

Maritime and river containers

Slight growth

161,887 TEU

River traffic in containers for HAROPA - Ports of Paris remained steady at 161,887 TEUs, an increase of 0.4%.
Seaborne traffic accounted for 70% of overall traffic in the Paris region, with 112,199 TEUs compared with 111,107 TEUs in 2016, an increase of 1%.
Intra-regional container traffic was boosted by urban logistics: the largest increase concerned Franprix traffic, which reached 33,589 TEU against 29,464 TEU in 2016, an increase of 14%.

Details per site:

  • PTSA business in Gennevilliers rose by 1.6%, with 110,195 TEU against 108,480 TEU in 2016, as a result of a slight increase in seaborne traffic in connection with Le Havre, and regional traffic for UPM
  • The port of Bonneuil posted an increase of nearly 16%, with 17,672 TEU against 15,279 TEU in 2016, a very large proportion of which was related to urban logistics.

"All mode" container traffic was up almost 1% with 527,785 TEU against 522,323 TEU over the same period in 2016, thanks to an increase of +2% in traffic at the railway terminal in Bonneuil. Road traffic rose by 1.3%, accounting for 63% of all traffic in all modes.

Construction and civil engineering / Recoverable products 

L’impact positif du Grand Paris

+ 16%

Traffic related to building materials (excluding construction waste) rose sharply (+16% to 11.5 Mt in 2017), driven by the dynamism of the construction of the Grand Paris Express. Spoil and construction waste posted a slight decline, expected after the records reached in 2016. With a traffic of 4.9 Mt of materials, the sector decreased by 3% compared with last year. But a strong year-end 2017 and very good outlooks for 2018 indicate a positive trend driven by the operational start-up of the work-sites of the Greater Paris Development Plan.

Partnership between Société du Grand-Paris (SGP) / HAROPA - Ports de Paris

In 2013, HAROPA - Ports of Paris and the Société du Grand Paris signed a partnership agreement to promote the use of the waterway both for the evacuation of 45Mt of excavated material related to the construction of the new metro, and for the supply of construction sites. This partnership led to the creation, with SGP as contracting authority, of river transhipment platforms at the end of tunnel boring machines, to use port land via the network of shared-use wharves and to create new reception facilities for spoil, particularly at Bonneuil-sur-Marne (under construction), then in Bruyères-sur-Oise, currently under study. All of the ports on the Seine corridor are taking action to meet the challenges of this vast transport infrastructure project, with major investments being made in the ports of Le Havre and Rouen. For further information, please see

Land and real estate 

An attractive portfolio

+ 300,000 sq.m
of warehouses available in the short term

The marketing of the built and undeveloped assets of HAROPA - Ports of Paris is doing well. 92 new agreements have been signed, for a total of nearly €45 million in planned investments. Among the most emblematic is the HOURA company on the port of Gennevilliers which occupies a surface area of 13 000 sq. m with two warehouses.
On undeveloped land, a large number of construction and energy from waste companies are investing in port property, with occupancy rates increasing to 89.26%. The real estate developer VAILOG has chosen the port of Gennevilliers to develop two major logistics projects:

  • a 15,000 sq. m warehouse to house the world's leading express delivery company TNT was delivered in September 2017;
  • a 63,000 sq. m multi-storey warehouse, a new-generation logistics platform that will host IKEA France at the end of 2018 after the works start in August 2017.


Rail traffic

Construction and civil engineering sector back on track

+ 2%

Rail traffic is also benefiting from the activity of the construction and civil engineering sector, with growth on all platforms: Bonneuil, Gennevilliers, Limay. The Bonneuil-sur-Marne combined transport terminal is also seeing its traffic continue to grow, in line with the national growth of this sector of activity.


Return to growth

million passengers

After a difficult year in 2016 (tourist attendance was down following the terrorist attacks and the flooding in June 2016), the river cruise sector saw a significant upswing in 2017.

For further information

Passenger port call stations

HAROPA - Ports of Paris manages a network of 37 public port call stations that allow many passenger transport companies to develop their tourist services from different sites in Paris and the Île-de-France region. The use of timeshare port calls also posted an upswing, after the complex situation encountered in 2016.