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A key player in the regional economy

Backed by its good results in 2017, the port of Le Havre is gaining in attractiveness. Investments - public and private - are, this year again, high and reflect the confidence of industry and the weight of HAROPA - Port of Le Havre in the local economy.

Industrial investments

Accompanying economic developments:

Synerzip LH had its first full year of operation in 2017.Created at the end of 2016, with HAROPA - Port of Le Havre as one of the key partners, the association combines 80 industrial firms and partners to manage in tangible terms the issues common to all the industrial activities of the region. Synerzip LH is designed to promote the industrial cluster and aims to enhance the attractiveness and economic drive of the industrial port zone (ZIP).

Investments in many sectors

  • Vracs de l’Estuaire and Climat started their new clinker grinding plants.
  • Lafarge Ciments are continuing their study of a sea jetty required to receive their bulk carriers.
  • Lafarge Holcim is investing in a river wharf on the Tancarville Canal in order to be able to receive the thousands of tons of excavated material from the work-sites of the Greater Paris Development Plan in the coming years. They will then be stored in the Saint-Vigor quarry, refurbished for that purpose at a cost of €14 million.
  • The operator Sucre Océane has invested €13 million in the construction of a 15,000-tonne siloand the complete modernization of the site to anticipate a sharp rise in sugar exports linked to the end of European sugar quotas. The total storage capacity of sugar on the terminal is now 60,000 tonnes.
  • YARA modernizes its chemical site on the Le Havre Port Industrial Zone for €60 million.
  • SHMPP is investing in the rail connection of its petroleum product storage sitewith a view to providing a logistics solution for exports of liquid sulphur.
"The liberalization of the European sugar market is an opportunity for our customers to serve new markets and reconnect with the overseas exports. The extension of our storage and transit capacities will enable us to respond to these development opportunities; we will process up to 140,000 tonnes of sugar during this marketing year, i.e. 6,000 TEUs exported from the port of Le Havre"
Guillaume Blanchard,
Chair of SHGT,
Sucre Océan's parent company

Logistics investments

Development and modernization

  • 43,000 sq. m is the size of AEW's new warehouse installé sur le site du Parc Logistique du Pont de Normandie 1 (PLPN1).
  • Bolloré Logistics (formerly SDV) have completed the first phase of their new warehouse (24,000 sq. m out of a potential of 36,000 sq. m) at the Parc Logistique du Pont de Normandie-2 (PLPN2) on a plot of 12.5 hectares of the PLPN 2 (representing an investment of €30 million).
  • The Panhard Group has begun the construction of the first building(48,000 sq. m) of a future set of three warehouses covering 138,000 sq. m over 40 ha on the PLPN 2 logistics park.

Infrastructure investments


  • The 1st modernization phase of the new Tancarville lock has begun with the reconstruction of one of the gates of the old lock. The second phase, planned until 2020, has also started and when finished will make the two locks more reliable.
  • The modernization of the François 1 lock(the largest in Europe and the world until 1989) continued with revision work on the external (downstream) P2 Gate.


Le Havre, cruise destination

€10.5 million
are being devoted between 2017 and 2021 to the improvement work of Terminal Cruise 12 located on the Pointe Floride, dedicated to welcoming passengers.



The purpose of placing this terminal at Terminal 1, is to help promote the brand "Le Havre, cruise destination".

Work started in 2016 and in 2017 will include:

  • the modernization of the Pierre Callet and Roger Meunier wharves,
  • the renovation of hangars 2, 3, 12 and 13,
  • secure access to the Cruise Terminal,
  • The quality and the improvement of the reception facilities at Terminal 12: creation of an exit gate, a shop, toilets, boarding desks, a safety barrier for the Border Police (PAF) but also free access to WIFI, the marking-out of a baggage transfer area, and isolation of the premises.
The overall work forms part of a broader and ambitious plan to improve the services for ships and passengers.

Quality and Service Investments

Security, reception and refurbishment

  • Eight internal security safety audits were carried out as well as an ISO 28000 follow-up audit 2 to maintain the level of security required by the ISO 28000 certification issued to HAROPA - Port of Le Havre. 97% of the shortcomings were resolved, 89% of them within two weeks after the audit.
  • Quality: AFNOR renewed the ISO 9001 certification 2015 version of the Major Seaport of Le Havre (GPMH) in July 2017, for the following activities: performance of service operations for ships, boats and nautical vessels, welcome and work on the port precinct, manage the networks of road and rail services.
  • A shipping services charter charter was renewed in 2017 for signature in early 2018. Created with and by various economic operators in the port area, including HAROPA - Port of Le Havre, it further improves the shipping services under optimal conditions of safety and service.

500 years worth celebrating!

HAROPA was official partner of the anniversary of the Port of Le Havre. For the occasion, the Southampton dock, the first showcase of Le Havre for all those arriving by sea, was refurbished. The internationally renowned landscape architect Michel Desvigne has created three large lawns, forming a new environment around the former Irish ferries terminal. The wharf has also hosted art installations. One was the work La Catène by French artist Vincent Ganivet, consisting of two large container arches, installed on the Southampton wharf.

The second phase of wharf development - in line with the surrounding Perret architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - began in 2017 and will continue until 2019.

La Catène by Vincent Ganivet: more than 500 tons, 43 meters by 22, consists of 36 containers of all colours (15 containers assembled to form the small arch and 21 containers assembled to form the great arch).

  • Le Havre welcomed Tall Ships 2017 (August 31 to September 3), the large gathering that brings together thirty high-masted sailboats from around the world. HAROPA - Port of Le Havre freed a number of wharves so that the sailboats could moor in the docks within the city walls. A booth located in the heart of the event village welcomed a large number of visitors.

City-SeaPort Interface: operations with the Port Center

2017 was a very important year for the City-SeaPort task force. First and foremost, it helped develop the pulling power of Le Havre as a shipping centre with the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the creation of the Port and the City. With the help of Jean Blaise, it highlighted the City-SeaPort interface and showed the City of Le Havre under a different light. More than 2 million people came for "a summer in Le Havre" and generated revenue of more than 80 million euros. Many events and exhibitions were organized at the Port center of Le Havre (Espace HAROPA Place, with a virtual experience of discovering the port of Le Havre in 360°, dramatized tours of the works created for the 500th anniversary, etc.).

3 Port of Le Havre winners for "Regenerating the Seine"

Regenerating the Seine, the call for projects launched in 2016 by the City of Paris, the Rouen-Normandy Metropolis, the Conurbation Community of Le Havre (CODAH) and HAROPA, finished in 2017 with the announcement of the winners on July 19 in Le Havre. In this sector, 7 sites were selected, including 4 in the port environment. 5 winning projects (including 3 port-related) were rewarded. Innovative in their uses, they have transformed the City-SeaPort interface by creating new drive. Among the Le Havre winners were the port projects "Rêver" and "Barges & Banks on the Seine" on the historic docks of La Barre, Vauban, Eure and Paul Vatine, and "Le quai des jumeaux" in Le Havre, on the banks of the canal leading from Le Havre to Tancarville.