HAROPA - Port of Le Havre is a Main Seaport (GPM) constituted in the form of a State-owned public corporation, the governance of which is ensured by a Executive Committee, under the control of a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board adopts the strategic guidelines for the establishment and exercises permanent control of its management. On its side, the Development Board, which represents the professional, social and associative communities, as well as the regional and local authorities and their associations of communes, provides simple advice on the strategic project, as well as on investment projects and the tariff policy of the main seaport. The Development Board also includes an investment committee, which is consulted on the strategic project and public investment projects for infrastructure of general interest.

The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (as at 31 May 2018)
Hervé Martel, Chair, Managing Director of HAROPA - Port of Le Havre,
Baptiste Maurand, Deputy Managing Director
Serge Ferreira, Director of Human Resources

THE SUPERVISORY BOARD (as at 31 May 2018)
Chair: Emmanuèle Perron
Vice-Chair: Jean-Baptiste Gastinne
2nd Vice-Chair: Léa Lassarat

State representatives 
Fabienne Buccio, Prefect of Seine-Maritime and Normandy Region,
Marie Aubert, Sub-Prefect of the District of Le Havre, permanent substitute for the Prefect, 
Thierry Tuot, State Councillor,
Patrick Berg, Regional Director of the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Development and Housing (DREAL) Normandy Region,
Suzanne Kucharekova Milko, Audit and Accounting Department, State Investment Agency,
Laurent Pichard, Head of the Transport Bureau, Budget Department.

Representatives of regional and local authorities (4):
Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, Regional Councillor, Vice-Chair in charge of Transport and Ports, representing the Regional Council of Haute-Normandie,
Hubert Dejean de la Batie, Regional Councillor, Vice-Chair in charge of the Environment, representing the Regional Council of Haute-Normandie, 
Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, Departmental Adviser and Member of Parliament, representing the Departmental Council of Seine-Maritime,
Daniel Fidelin, Vice-Chair in charge of mobility, Mayor of Montivilliers, representing the Conurbation Community of Le Havre (CODAH),
Luc Lemonnier, Mayor of the City of Le Havre, representing the Municipality of Le Havre.

Qualified persons
Léa Lassarat, Chair, Seine Estuary Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT),
Emmanuèle Perron, Vice-President of the NGE Group
Pascal Morin, Director of Logistics and Maritime Operations for MFP Michelin
Matthieu Chabanel, Deputy Managing Director SNCF RÉSEAU Maintenance and Works,
Jean-Michel Genestier, Deputy Managing Director and General Secretary for SNCF LOGISTICS

Employee representatives of the public institution:
Jean-François Emery, Policy Officer Technology Watch, Overland Transport Department,
Franck Hermier, Head of the Purchasing Department
Baptiste Tabouillot, Head of Quay, Port Equipment Department.

Attend the meetings of the Supervisory Board :
Hervé Martel, Chair of the Executive Committee,
Baptiste Maurand, Member of the Executive Committee,
Serge Ferreira, Member of the Executive Committee,
Alexis Vuillemin, Government Commissioner, Directorate General for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea (DGITM),
Pascal Hornung, Deputy Government Commissioner, Ministry of Ecological and Solidary Transition, CGEDD / Mobilités - Transports,
François Fayol, Economic and Financial Controler (Comptroller General), Ministry of Economy and Finance,
Stéphane Ledamoisel, Secretary of the Works Council.

THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD (as at 31 May 2018)
The Development Board consists of 35 members in four colleges.
Chair: Jean-Louis Le Yondre (elected on 13/02/14)
Vice-Chair: Gérard Roussel (elected on 13/02/14)

First college: Representatives of the port community (11)
Guillaume Blanchard, Managing Director, SHGT,
Louis Jonquière, Managing Director, GMP
Christian de Tinguy, Chair of GEMO, Managing Director of TERMINAUX DE NORMANDIE,
Véronique Lepine, Director of Operations France, HAPAG LLOYD France SAS,
François Friboulet, Customer Service Manager France CMA-CGM,
Olivier Peyrin, Manager CIM, CIM snc,
Pascal Ambos, Director Le Havre Production Unit, EDF Le Havre,
Jean-Louis Le Yondre, TRAMAR Director with BLD International, CEO of STH,
Brice Vatinel, Chief Executive Officer, Georges Vatinel and Co.,
Gilles Lanfranchi, Chair, Le Havre-Fécamp Pilot Station.

Second college: Staff representatives of companies operating on the port (3)
Johann Fortier, Secretary General, CGT General Union of dockworkers of the Port of Le Havre,
Jérémie Julien, Deputy Secretary General, CGT General Union of dockworkers of the Port of Le Havre,
Laurent Delaporte, Secretary General, General Staff Union of the GPMH and Administrative and Maintenance Staff of the Port of Le Havre.

Third college: Representatives of regional and local authorities or their associations of communes located within the port precinct (9)

Representatives of the Regional Council: (2)
Hubert Dejean de La Batie, Regional Councillor, Vice-Chair in charge of the Environment, Mayor of Sainte-Adresse,
Pierre Vogt, Regional Councillor.

Representatives of the Departmental Council: (2)
Florence Thibaudeau-Rainot, Vice-Chair of the Department in charge of the district of Le Havre (Substitute: Sébastien Tasserie),
Christelle Msica Guerout (Substitute: Christian Duval), Departmental Adviser.

Representatives of the Conurbation Community of Le Havre (CODAH): (2)
Agnès Canayer, CODAH Community Adviser, Senator,
Jean-Paul Lecoq, Community Councillor of the CODAH, Member of Parliament.

Representative of the Community of Municipalities of Saint-Romain de Colbosc: (1)

Jacques Dellerie, 5th Vice-Chair in charge of regional planning, Community of Municipalities of Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc.

Representative of the community of municipalities of the Criquetot-l'Esneval district: (1)
Bernard Houssaye, Community Councillor - Criquetot-l'Esneval district, Mayor of Turretot.

Representative of the City of Le Havre: (1)
Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, 1st Deputy Mayor, Regional Councillor - Vice-Chair in charge of Transport and Ports.

Fourth college: Qualified individuals interested in the development of the port (11)
Claude Blot, Chair SUD - HNNE Estuary Association,
Bruno Lecoquierre, Chair, MAISON DE L’ESTUAIRE,
Sylvie Barbier, Vice-Chair, ÉCOLOGIE POUR LE HAVRE,
Olivier Leloup, Manager, Transports LELOUP,
Pascal Girardet, CEO, SOGESTRAN,
Gérard Roussel, TOTAL,
Henri Le Gouis, CEO EUROPE, Bolloré Logistics,
Olivier Clavaud, Industrial & Logistics Director Europe Europe Middle East Region, CHEVRON ORONITE,
1 vacant position.

Assist the Development Board 
The Members of the Executive Committee:
Hervé Martel,
Baptiste Maurand,
Serge Ferreira,
The Chair of the Supervisory Board: Emmanuèle Perron
The Regional Prefect or her representative: Fabienne Buccio (Prefect) or Marie Aubert (Sub-Prefect),
The Maritime Prefect or his representative: Pascal Ausseur (Maritime Prefect),
The Government Commissioner and / or the Deputy Government Commissioner: Alexis Vuillemin and/or Pascal Hornung,
Economic and financial controller: François Fayol (Comptroller General),
Thierry Derrey (facilitator of the Development Board Committee), Chair of Higher Institute of Logistics Studies (ISEL).